Introducing My Call Scheduler!

An AI Powered, Fully Optimized, Hands-Free AI Appointment Booking System.


Outdated booking systems are killing local business owners every day…

Did you know that 97% of local business owners are losing thousands of dollars and hundreds of customers every month because of their outdated booking systems?

Or maybe you’re just in a rush and don’t want to speak to anyone. So, what do you do? You close the page and go to the next search result!

You’ve Probably Seen It Yourself…

You visit a local dentist’s website. There’s a big old telephone number at the top of the screen. But you’re at work and can’t make the call. Or you’re in a busy cafe, where you can’t hear.
Or maybe it’s late at night and the business is closed (55% of local bookings are taken in the evening…)
Even if you DO decide to call the business, you’re often put on hold, or sent to an answer machine!

Business owners are paying thousands per month to call centers...

... to take bookings and it’s not working out!
And let’s face it.
Nobody likes dealing with a call center when you just want to speak to the local business directly, right?

Which is why call centers are costing local biz owners thousands in lost appointments… so they need a solution fast.

Contact Forms Don’t Work In 2023!

Customers have to think of what to say, wait for an email response, then go back and forth with the secretary via email before actually making a booking.
And after all this?
Customers forget to show up!
This results in heavy losses for the local business owner.

Let’s look at One Niche – Medical

In the US alone, $150 billion per year is estimated as the annual loss from missed appointments in medical niche only.
Now think about the ENTIRE market of Local Businesses!

Does All The Heavy Lifting For You

AI Books Appointment For You

Customers can book an appointment online, any time of day by Simply chatting with My Call Scheduler AI.

My Call Scheduler AI asks Relevant Questions such as the Service they are looking for, Time and Place and other Important Things...

Based on Customer answers, AI Books Appointment for the Customers.

AI Tracks Time For You

Keeps track of available times and removes all the back and forth emails and phone calls for the biz owner.


AI Sends SMS & Email Reminders For You

Sends email and SMS reminders to the customers so they never miss an appointment!

AI Accepts Payments For You

Allows customers to pay for the service when they book!


Start Getting Appointments in just 2 Simple Steps!

Step #1 - Login & Setup My Call Scheduler AI for your business
Login To My Call Scheduler AI and Do Your Business Settings such as Setup Services, Staff, Available Times, etc. So AI Can be ready to work for you while you run your business or sleep.
Step #2 - My Call Scheduler AI Starts Generating Appointments
Done! Start Collecting Leads Using AI. People Talk To AI via Chat, AI Helps them out by setting up Appointments on one of the available slots.
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